Students constitute the most dense and lively part of the academic community. The scope of this section is to provide multilateral information to students.


The Roadmap for Newcomers (in Greek) was created so that students seeking a degree can easily find all information they need to start their studies in our university.

Student Care

The University of Patras provides a whole number of benefits for the students aiming to accommodate their student life in the city of Patras and Agrinio. 

Scholarships and mobility

Mobility programs enable students to gain experience abroad with funding. At the same time there are plenty of scholarships and loans offered to both undergraduate and graduate students based on their performance.

Student Life

University of Patras is a place where living and learning are intertwined. Students form a vital community where various associations and cultural groups strengthen ties between its members.

At a glance

  • 30.185 Undergraduate students,
  • 3.755 Postgraduate students,
  • 15 Student cultural groups

(as of 06.2020)